Saving the Oregon Health Plan

Some of the funding for the Oregon Health Plan comes from a mix of hospital and health insurance plan assessments which will expire this year. The Oregon Legislature is considering a proposal to raise state health care funding through an increased hospital and health insurance plan assessment. The revenue raised through this assessment would secure Oregon a 2-to-1 match in federal money to cover 80,000 children and 75,000 low income adults.

The Facts on the Hospital and Health Insurance Plan Assessment

  • Big hospitals and insurance companies should pay their fair share to fund the Oregon Health Plan through a provider assessment. If they don’t, almost a billion dollars in federal health care funding will remain in Washington D.C., far from the uninsured people of Oregon who need it. This will increase health insurance costs for everyone
  • Big hospitals claim they can’t afford the assessment, yet Oregon’s hospitals earned almost a half billion dollar profit in 2007. Some hospital CEOs earn over $1 million a year and one hospital even spent $1.5 million on art and decorative glass as part of a renovation. This hardly sounds like hospitals are unable to pay their fair share.
  • A well-structured and efficiently-administered assessment will provide critical funding for the Oregon Health Plan, bringing almost a billion dollars of federal money to Oregon. This funding will expand health care coverage under OHP to nearly 150,000 uninsured Oregonians.